When Experience Matters, Call Me.

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Hiring a law firm is not an easy task.  Sometimes hiring a lawyer is necessary and unexpected, such as when you have a run in with the police or when you get a summons in the mail to appear in court.  Sometimes hiring a lawyer is for a happy, expected event such as opening a new business or getting your affairs in order upon the birth of a child.  In either case finding the right lawyer does not have to be stressful, complicated, and overwhelming.

My name is Chris Minelli and I am a solo lawyer.  That means I work for myself, by myself, and 100% for you.  I opened my law practice to fill a gap in Illinois legal services for individuals and small businesses that want a personal touch and a relationship with their lawyer — not their lawyer’s law clerk or administrative assistant.  I work exclusively on your matter from beginning to end.

When you hire a lawyer, you are hiring peace of mind.  You don’t have to go it alone.  I practice law with three guiding principles: creativity, passion, and experience.  The law is both an art and a science; helping clients often requires creativity to “think outside the box” to find solutions to problems and fix future problems before they need solutions.  I go to bat every single day for my clients with a keen love of the law and for problem-solving; lawyers without passion cannot represent their clients effectively.  I have ten years of litigation and transactional experience that I bring to the table for every client matter I work on; and unlike many of my seasoned counterparts, if I don’t have direct experience with a particular situation I am not above going to the law library and getting educated on a topic.  You are never too old the learn.

I practice in the state and federal courts of central and northern Illinois — all of Illinois between Springfield and Wisconsin including Chicago — for litigation matters and I represent clients all over the world for business and commercial matters.

Yes, I still make house calls.

Stop worrying.  Stop losing sleep.  Call me today for a consultation and let me show you how I can create unique solutions for your legal matters today and get a plan together for tomorrow.

Chris Minelli