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Besides high quality legal services, Minelli Law prides itself on adding to the scholarly dialogue of the law for laypersons, lawyers, and other non-legal professionals.  Below you will find PDF copies of articles, white papers, and legal filings for your review.  Articles are meant to be of a general nature and useful to anyone.  White papers are technical and discuss current events and professional issues within modern Illinois legal practice — both in Chicago and downstate — with suggestions, solutions, and citations for further review.

Legal filings are real-life examples of Minelli Law’s work through our court pleadings and commercial papers.  See firsthand what Minelli Law can offer to you and how we can work with you to increase value and decrease the potential for liabilities and problems.

References are concise explanations of specific areas of the law and / or annotated copies of statutes and ordinances that may be useful for particular people, such as landlords and property managers.  They will be updated from time to time as the law changes – as I learn and continue my own personal legal studies, you can benefit as well!


  • Do You Need a Residential Real Estate Attorney? [forthcoming]
  • Ten Tips for Chicago Apartment Hunting [forthcoming]
  • Identity Theft?  Now What!? [forthcoming]
  • The Chicago Administrative Hearings Court [forthcoming]

White Papers

  • Effective Strategies for Illinois 2-1005 Summary Judgment Motions [forthcoming]
  • Layers of Trial Preparation: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational [forthcoming]
  • When Legal Tech Fails: Identifying Limitations in Technology and Overcoming Them [forthcoming]

Legal Filings

Please visit our dedicated legal filings page for samples of legal work and case studies giving them context and background.


  • Chicago Residential Landlord-Tenant Ordinance (the “RLTO”) [forthcoming]
  • Evanston Residential Landlord-Tenant Ordinance [forthcoming]
  • Selected Statutes for Landlord-Tenant Matters [forthcoming]

Updated:  28 Nov 2018